Arron Gatley

Arron Gatley, 56 Degrees North

Arron Gatley


Arron joined the team having spent six years in Parliament as Chief of Staff to George Freeman MP, closely supporting him in his various roles as Minister for Science, Research and Innovation, Minister of State for Transport, Chair of the Prime Minister’s Policy Board, Minister for Life Sciences and Chair of the Conservative Policy Forum.

Arron’s time in Parliament has spanned one of the most turbulent periods in recent political history including successive General Elections, the fallout from the EU referendum and multiple Prime Ministers.

During this period, he worked with civil servants, senior government officials, and Ministers. He advised on a range of things, most notably, political communication, strategic engagement, and policy.

He has also been involved in setting up and running the Big Tent Ideas Festival, the Norfolk Enterprise Festival. In addition, he has also had significant involvement with the Reform for Resilience Commission, the Taskforce on Innovation Growth and Regulatory Reform (TIGRR), and helping to produce “Britain Beyond Brexit”, a compilation of policy ideas for a post-Brexit Britain.

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